Chase Tremaine

Before stumbling into his solo career, Chase Tremaine spent more than a decade playing guitar, bass, and drums for a multitude of different bands across the scenes of pop/rock, punk/hardcore, folk/Americana, and gospel/worship. With all this experience under his belt, he entered the studio in late 2018, hoping to simply record a few songs that he could be proud of. Early reactions were so positive to those three songs (including the fan-favorite "Matter") that he was encouraged to turn his recordings into a full-length album. The resulting collection, 2020's Unfall, quickly amassed a quaint but dedicated fanbase, propelling Chase into his prolific, burgeoning catalog of jazz-inflected, math-inspired emo pop. 2021's Development & Compromise further expanded his repertoire of styles and ideas, including fifteen songs written and performed almost entirely by Chase himself. With no signs of slowing down, Chase has grand plans for 2023, including the release of his third solo album, Accidental Days.
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